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Re: [E-devel] converting modules to 'new' API

Am Tue, 27 Jun 2006 12:23:47 -0400
schrieb Mike Russo <miker@readq.com>:

>     Are there any tips on how to convert 3rd party modules to the
> 'new' API which eliminates config_menu and icon_file?  I understand
> I'm supposed to create a module.eap, but what about the config_menu?
> I'd really like to get eloquence working again, although I know a 
> gadman->gadcon conversion is still looming anyway, and I can't seem
> to contact the author. :(

I hacked eloquence up a bit. I got it working for my needs, just tested
with xmms2. The theme selection and some other thins don´t work. 

If this helps further, I could send it to you