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Re: [E-devel] EWL, ETK, Ephoto, Exhibit bugs?

On Tuesday 27 June 2006 20:09, you wrote:
> I'm assuming your in either the list or column view?

I don't see any options in ephoto's file chooser bar on the left where i could 
change the mode. I suppose it is just the "default" :)

> Ewl currently doesn't have, and we're purposely holding off on,
> translation support. We do plan to build it in, but putting it in too
> soon just means the translations will continuously keep getting changed
> and updated, so we're waiting until Ewl is closer to a release, when the
> internal strings are more stable, to do the UI translation work.

Great, i'm really looking forward to it.

Btw, i see that all of the EFL libs/apps use built-in fonts. Will be any 
support for the X-provided fonts, or it is impossible if we want to keep the 

Peter Parkanyi