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Re: [E-devel] EWL, ETK, Ephoto, Exhibit bugs?

Peter Parkanyi wrote:
Ephoto/EWL(I don't know which is the guilty one):
I started ephoto, with the simple command, then navigated to my pictures on the upper list, all with mouse. Then wanted to click on the image, but it didn't get coloured while the mouse was hovering. Clicked, then the file list got the focus, but the dir list didn't lose it, so that i tried to click on an item, and it didn't work. When clicked on the dir list again, the file list lost the focus, but nothing happened. Then one more click on the file list and the dir list lost its focus so that i could choose the files. I always clicked on a list item. If i click on a whitespace(no list item in the area), then it works.

There is something that is slightly off with the way the filedialog is handling the mouse clicks at the moment. Almost like the focus is going to a different part of the tree. Need to find some time to try to track it down. There has been a bunch of work on focus and the filedialog lately that could be causing the issue.

I'm assuming your in either the list or column view?

ETK/EWL: they don't show special hungarian characters such as o", u", but rectangles instead. I use utf-8 encoding. There may be problem with other languages as well. (Ecore-Evas and E17 shows these chars correctly, though the strings are from the language files(.po)).

I'd guess thats a font issue but I'm not sure. Ewl just uses the Vera font (if memory serves) so if the font doesn't have that character it can't be displayed. There is currently no mechanism to load extra fonts into Ewl (or to use fallbacks in the theme). Peter did some work recently so that entry of utf-8 characters works correctly in the ewl_entry widget so UTF-8 does work in general.

Ewl currently doesn't have, and we're purposely holding off on, translation support. We do plan to build it in, but putting it in too soon just means the translations will continuously keep getting changed and updated, so we're waiting until Ewl is closer to a release, when the internal strings are more stable, to do the UI translation work.