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[E-devel] EWL, ETK, Ephoto, Exhibit bugs?

As i recently started to explore the EFL apps, i discovered some strange 

Ephoto/EWL(I don't know which is the guilty one):
I started ephoto, with the simple command, then navigated to my pictures on 
the upper list, all with mouse. Then wanted to click on the image, but it 
didn't get coloured while the mouse was hovering. Clicked, then the file list 
got the focus, but the dir list didn't lose it, so that i tried to click on 
an item, and it didn't work. When clicked on the dir list again, the file 
list lost the focus, but nothing happened. Then one more click on the file 
list and the dir list lost its focus so that i could choose the files. I 
always clicked on a list item. If i click on a whitespace(no list item in the 
area), then it works.

Exhibit: I navigated to my photos, selected a dir with high resolution images, 
about 200 or so, and nothing happened. Like there had been nothing in that 

ETK/EWL: they don't show special hungarian characters such as o", u", but 
rectangles instead. I use utf-8 encoding. There may be problem with other 
languages as well. (Ecore-Evas and E17 shows these chars correctly, though 
the strings are from the language files(.po)).

Peter Parkanyi