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Re: [E-devel] libtool libXcursor.la and ewl

On 17/06/06, Nathan Ingersoll <ningerso@gmail.com> wrote:
If you could post your build errors, we might be able to provide some
useful info.


On 6/15/06, Wang Xu <gnawux@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi e17 team,
> I update my source from the anonymous cvs at
> |   anoncvs.enlightenment.org
> and try to compile it under Debian/sid.
> Most of the things looks fine, but It met an error while
> compiling ewl.
> It is said cannot find libXcursor.la, but from debian bug
> tracing system, the libXcursor.la is removed for good.
> I am not familiar with libtool, could you give some tips.
> Thank you!

This is more than a week old now but I'll just note, in case others are having trouble with similar errors, that I had this problem too.

Just rebuild everything from scratch (I think ecore in particular is the issue here). Having done so e17 builds just fine, so I imagine ewl will as well.