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Re: [E-devel] taskbar 0.1.3

Sthithaprajna Garapaty wrote:
> Hey Morten,
> I merged your diff and stuck everything in cvs.
> I was working on my own branch of the module when you sent me the diff, so I
> had to manually merge things in.
> I left out the indentation parts and let the official e indenter thing take
> care of things.
> Other than that, please let me know if I left out anything important.

I'll try to get to that one of these next days.. :)

> Also, I noticed that you're missing a handler for
> ECORE_X_EVENT_WINDOW_STATE_REQUEST which you had put in previous releases.
> Was this handler causing the instability before?

partly (though I resolved that particular issue), but it was also doing
stuff that was better left to a different handler