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[E-devel] Position of 'close' item in a window's ALT-right-click menu

Hi all.

I have a suggestion for a usability improvement for the menu that
appears when you ALT-right-click  a window.

The 'close' item is at the very bottom. This is fine when your mouse is
in a position high enough so that the entire menu can fit *under* the
mouse. However if the menu gets displayed *above* the mouse, then the
'close' item is dangerously close to the mouse, making it very easy to
accidentally close a window. I do realise that the bottom of the menu is
a good logical place for the close item if you're grouping things by
functionality. And yes I suppose if someone is holding ALT and
right-clicking then they should have some idea of what to expect, but it
still seems to take me by surprise sometimes. I note that the 'kill'
item is positioned in a safe place :) Maybe the close item could be
further up the menu a bit?

Daniel Kasak
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