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Re: [E-devel] Evas Smart objects

> > > 2. the implementation   
> > > ive been playing with smart objects for evoak, so ill explain   
> >   
> >      I thought evoak was considered to be laid to rest?   
> No, it was just sleeping.  B-)  
> There has been a great desire amongst a few people to get evoak up 
> and on it's feet, and make it a useful thing.  I'm guessing that 
> Jorge is attempting that.  There is even money in it (someone has 
> offered a small bounty).  
	Ahh, I see. Well, all the best to those involved :) 
	Just to add a bit to the original email: 
If what Jorge or any others here are really interested in is 
having an evas "canvas" object, then that is fairly easy to add 
to evas. 
	A 'quick & dirty' initial implementation would be along 
the same lines as what ecore-evas now does (one can later work 
on having more refined versions). 
	The api would be simple: 
Evas_Object *evas_object_canvas_add(Evas *evas); 
which would add a 'canvas_obj' object to the given evas, 
Evas *evas_object_canvas_evas_get(Evas_Object *canvas_obj); 
which would retrieve the internal evas that the given canvas_obj 
is associated with. 
	You would then use the retrieved evas to do whatever.. 
add objects to it (you would not need to render such evases 
directly yourself as they will render when the associated canvas 
object gets rendered), etc, etc, :)