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Re: [E-devel] ETK without X possible?

Simon wrote:
> But we plan to put all the Ecore_X-dependant code in a separated dir
> (ie the files etk_dnd.c, etk_selection.c, etk_clipboard.c,
> etk_popup_window.c, ...) so a framebuffer port could be really easily
> written.

That's good news. I'll keep holding my breath for that :)

Nathan wrote:
>If you want a widget set that already supports the framebuffer, you
>could use EWL.

Some time in 2005 I tried that, but didn't get very far, i.e. I couldn't
position EWL widgets other than (0,0) on the framebuffer and it didn't
work with more than one widget at one time at all. I'll do another check
asap and report again then.


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