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[E-devel] eTalk draft


This mail is possibly off-topic, tts about an EFL-based VoIP program.
Please excuse me if it bothers you, if this is the case you may please
ignore the rest of this message. If not, I already thank you, it might
be useful for you someway.

I always had this idea of writing a softphone in EFL and, although I
don't have time nor EFL ability (still and still), I have begun to
write it and I have no plans to stop it.

I noticed some softphones suffers from the same mistakes (from the
user point of view), which aren't that hard to fix, but one can't find
a software which has it all fixed. I co-wrote one for the company I
work for, but once it becomes stable, it wasn't the priority task
anymore - so it got stucked.

One of the things people cry a lot about, is having their telephony
software acting as an ordinary application, instead of catching the
users' eyes, wherever they could be looking at. That makes me think
the softphone must be integrated with the desktop the user is running,
but in a gentle way. As E has the eye cand and, most importantly,
flexibility, cleaness and speed, it would be nice to have a
communication-driven program integrated to it.

I used the term communication-driven, because one of the key things to
worry about these times, is convergency - I think this program (eTalk)
must (at least) be able to provide the developer a way of make it
support other protocols, be they IM, Voice or Video based.

I've reached nowhere yet, there's much to write until it gets to a
usable point - probably a little time spent on it should do the job.
Anyway, here are the URLs for a screenshot (you'll realize there's
_nothing_ on the UI and see I putted the E splash logo, for no reason
- its pretty) and the tarball:


If you find the idea interesting in anyway and/or want to help, please
contact me.


Arnaldo M. Pereira
egghunt at gmail.com