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Re: [E-devel] patch for edje

I'd like to know what the status is on this patch.  I addressed the concerns Tilman had, at least I think I have.  I need some direction to continue refining this patch so it can be accepted.  Of course disregard the first diff I sent, but take a look at the second one.

On 6/11/06, ZigsMcKenzie <zigsmckenzie@gmail.com> wrote:
I've been working on the edje library.  I just added a bunch of options for the "set_state_val" function in an .edc file.  I've recompiled everything w/this code and everything seems to work fine.

Also took care of some compiler warnings.

One thing I found when running gdb on the edje program.  It seems that a lot of a text objects settings are calculated twice.  Once in _edje_part_recalc (edje_calc.c).  And then in _edje_text_recalc_apply (edje_text.c).  Am I right in this?

- Zigs