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[E-devel] theming and events

I started throwing together a quick shelf theme for winter. One thing I
noticed is that the event object (that the menu callback is set on) is
stacked beneath the theme object. So, the theme has to either set
repeat events or not accept them at all in areas that can be right
clicked to display a menu.

Ideally we could put it above the theme, but this will be above
the gadgets also (the swallowed container gets placed at the same
stacking as the part its swallowed into, along with the gadgets that are
layed out by the container). This way the theme can draw over the
gadgets (e.g. a glass door or something).

I can't think of any easy way of sliding an event object in between the
shelf and its gadgets, but I wanted to at least make the issue known
(especially for anyone else doing shelf themes).