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Re: [E-devel] Taskbar problems.

Sthithaprajna Garapaty wrote:
> A lot of crashes and seg faults and other mishaps have been reported by the
> last few releases of the taskbar.

Some of those were caused by stupid code in event callbacks -- mostly
not returning 1, I think.

> So, here's an ancient version of the taskbar updated to work with the latest
> CVS.
> It does not have all the features that the latest version has, but it is
> probably more stable (at least in my experience).
> http://war.interhact.net/~iamsthitha/junk/taskbar-
> Meanwhile, I'll be investigating the uncanny crashes.

The taskbar doesn't appear to be causing any crashes on my system.. the
one segfault I keep getting happens in e_util_glob_match when switching
desktops with the font configuration window open..

Though, I think that was fixed by a recent checkin .. I suppose it's
time I update my desktop again :)