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Re: [E-devel] [PATCH] eet: mmap + cache

On Mon, 12 Jun 2006 23:20:10 +0200 Cedric BAIL <cedric.bail@free.fr> babbled:

> Hi,
>   The attached patch introduce two functionnalities :
> 	- mmap for loading and manipulating eet file with introducion of 
> eet_read_direct.
> 	- replace caching system by enabling it and using stat syscall to
> know if file need to be reloaded. It also remove eet_cacheburst by
> eet_clearcache and remove all reference to cacheburst (This introduce an API
> incompability with previous eet version).
> Cedric
> PS: I needed to refactor some part of the code in order to better understood 
> what was it's purpose and the idea behind it, it will explain some of the 
> change also.

ok- there was a small bug with not closing writing and flushing writes - this
did screw e17 over. i fixed it, but the patch does work well- it improves eet's
performance in the simplistic eet_bench quite a lot. :) it seems to work fine
now - so patch is going in :) if anyone finds problems- pay attention and let
me know!

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