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Re: [E-devel] Evas Gradients

On Sun, 11 Jun 2006 07:18:12 GMT "jose_ogp@juno.com" <jose_ogp@juno.com>

> > >      So the question for evas is really one of "how much of a 
> > > given format's specifics should we also import..?" (it would be 
> > > good to know exactly what are the known grad related file formats) 
> >  
> > i believe you have tackled this by now eh? :) 
> >  
> 	Yes :) Only a preliminary version for now. It's unfortunate 
> though that most 'formats' don't really separate the notion of a 
> "spectrum" from the fuller notion of a "gradient". 
> 	In fact, only the Gimp's "ggr" definition really seems to 
> give this concept the 'first class' status it ought to have. All 
> other descriptions that I ran across (after very limited searching) 
> relegate the concept to something residing within a gradient, but not 
> really capable of standing alone it seems. 
> >  
> > >      We also want to have eet based descriptions - both stand- 
> > > alone and as part of an edje file.. 
> > >     Thus, secondary questions are - what would be a good format 
> > > to use in eet files for spectra defns, and what would be a good 
> > > format for edje gradients that could refer to the former...? 
> >  
> > sure. as with eet - you could just put a in-memory data struct of 
> > gradient color points, distances and interpolation method flags. 
> > as eet can just decode direct to your in-memory data struct 
> > for you :) 
> >  
> 	Yes. Also, some comments you made have started me thinking 
> that, regardless of the file format, it might be best to simply have 
> 'spectrum' loaders as just another kind of image loader.. so that 
> spectrums are loaded as w x 1 sized images (for argb color spaces 
> at least), where w is a certain canonical length.. 

yup - it's simple and generic. and "w" is simply what in the end determines
spectrum quality. :)

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