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Re: [E-devel] Evas Gradients

> >      So the question for evas is really one of "how much of a 
> > given format's specifics should we also import..?" (it would be 
> > good to know exactly what are the known grad related file formats) 
> i believe you have tackled this by now eh? :) 
	Yes :) Only a preliminary version for now. It's unfortunate 
though that most 'formats' don't really separate the notion of a 
"spectrum" from the fuller notion of a "gradient". 
	In fact, only the Gimp's "ggr" definition really seems to 
give this concept the 'first class' status it ought to have. All 
other descriptions that I ran across (after very limited searching) 
relegate the concept to something residing within a gradient, but not 
really capable of standing alone it seems. 
> >      We also want to have eet based descriptions - both stand- 
> > alone and as part of an edje file.. 
> >     Thus, secondary questions are - what would be a good format 
> > to use in eet files for spectra defns, and what would be a good 
> > format for edje gradients that could refer to the former...? 
> sure. as with eet - you could just put a in-memory data struct of 
> gradient color points, distances and interpolation method flags. 
> as eet can just decode direct to your in-memory data struct 
> for you :) 
	Yes. Also, some comments you made have started me thinking 
that, regardless of the file format, it might be best to simply have 
'spectrum' loaders as just another kind of image loader.. so that 
spectrums are loaded as w x 1 sized images (for argb color spaces 
at least), where w is a certain canonical length..