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Re: [E-devel] segv in e_app.c

David Stevenson wrote:

I had a segv when dragging an Eterm from one desk to another - not sure
exactly how to reproduce it, but the bt shows that the e_app "win_name" got
a bogus value from somewhere. There were some changes in the source here a
few days back.

#8  0x080ab892 in e_util_glob_match (str=0x822deb0 "Eterm",
   glob=0x1d <Address 0x1d out of bounds>) at e_utils.c:135
#9  0x080a7eb4 in e_app_window_name_class_title_role_find (
   name=0x822deb0 "Eterm", class=0x81bffc0 "Eterm",
   title=0x82347a8 "Eterm-0.9.2:", role=0x0) at e_apps.c:909
909                       if ((e_util_glob_match(name, a->win_name)) &&

seems quite clear that something is polluting the win_name property of the e_app, which through a grep appears to only be set using evas_stringshare_add..

as far as I could see, that function is pretty tight, so I would guess there is an overflow somewhere?