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Re: [E-devel] discussion: new features in E. try 2.

Hey raster,

Hmmmm, actually, I already implemented all the things in
e_modules/language module. Now it is standalone. It is able to manage
actual input language for each window, and flip between keybord
layouts on the fly. Moreover it hooks into E and defines 2 new actions
and keybindings for them as it starts, and removes those actions and
keybindings on unload.

I want to make one more hook into E. For now there exists a config
dialog for the module. I'd like to hook it into the E main config
panel. As far as I remmember there is a FIXME for
this :)

Unfortunatelly, somehow I missed ur mail. But now, I'll review the
module once again wrt to your comments.

Of course, I'd like to move some of the module's functionality
directly to E. For
example language settings per window. Consequently, this  will remove
some expensive searches and management of the running windows, since
the module will know everything as soon as it gets a pointer to a
border in callback :).

But, if I move some of its functionality to E, then it will be
dependent on E. And actually, the module will only flip the input
keyboard layout and visualize the current language icon.
So, then it cannot be standalone as now.

Ofcourse, since the module works now, at least for me :), because I
did not hear any comments about it yet, there is no need to reinvent
it, to reprogram it and to place some of its functionality into E.

Also, from my point of view, it would be nice to have it in the main E
src tree, because, when non-english people starts a WM they'd like to
have language tools immideately and without looking  for the 3rd party
module. What do u think about this ?


On 6/6/06, The Rasterman Carsten Haitzler <raster@rasterman.com> wrote:
On Mon, 10 Apr 2006 12:18:20 +0000 "Aleksej Struk" <astruk@gmail.com> babbled:

> Hi all devs,
> I just repost my previous mail, since I did not get any comments on it yet :(

and here come my comments (finally!) :)

> I would like to start a new discussion regarding E features.
> During the past time I usually use 2 different languages for input in
> my work.  This languages are  english and russian. So, in order to be
> able to switch between them I use setxkbmap program of the X11. I wrote
> a script which does language switching for me. This scrip, actually,
> looks as follows:
> #!/bin/sh
> f=`setxkbmap -print | grep xkb_symbols | awk '{printf $4}' | cut -d '+' -f 2`
> if [ $f = "us" ]; then
>  setxkbmap -model compaqik13 -layout ru -variant basic
> elif [ $f = "us(basic)" ]; then
>  setxkbmap -model compaqik13 -layout ru -variant basic
> elif [ $f = "ru(basic)" ]; then
>  setxkbmap -model compaqik13 -layout us -variant basic
> fi

ok - so basically u want to flip keymap on the fly and maybe have e flip keymap
for you automatically as focus changes to different windows. definitely makes

> However, it is not comfortable enought. First of all, I do not have
> any visual representation of my current language selection. Second,

i think something in the titlebar of windows and/or in the window menu
displaying some little flag for the keymap (the idea behind gadcon is to be
able to add module output (gadcon clients) to things like borders, menus etc.)
for example is what you want (and maybe a menu to select which keymap to use
when that window is focused (if it's not the default), set up a default keymap,
another temporary keymap to choose etc. might be what you want - right? there
will nee to be a way to remember which windows use what keymaps (put it into
the remember settings?)

> such a way of switching language is global. So, if I turn, for example,
> russian language, I will have it everywhere and in every application I
> currently use, but it would be nice to have some local language selection
> per application. Finally, I already had some troubles with non-english :)
> language and desktop locking. If I turn, for example, russian language
> and then lock the screen from the menu, or by using shortcut, for
> example ctrl+F12, I'm not able to unlock my desktop, since the ASCII
> code values of russian letters are greater that 128 and E, basically,
> do not accept them. Please do not refere to locale settings in this
> situation :) since I prefer to work in C locale or en_US.
> I would like to propose to implement such a language switchin mechanism
> in E, which is similar to the script I use. Also, such a technich is
> used in KDE for example. However, I'm able to implement it of course
> :), but I'd like to hear different opinions on that. Moreover, I'd
> like to hear some comments from devs, what should be done.
> The things I want to do are the following:
> a) implement a new configuration dialog that allows to select perfered
> languages, to set the default input language, and to select the language
> switching policy. For example such policies can be: (i) global - the
> language is selected for all applications, (ii) local - the language
> is selected for the specific application or a window, (iii) maybe
> something else.

sounds great. set actual language for e, keyboard map (the default keymap to
set to if it isn't set up in x) and be able to change this easily and remember
it. and then set it per window and remember it (flip on focus) sounds good.

> b) implement 2 new actions that allows to switch between selected
> languages in two ways - forward and backword. For example if I have
> selected 3 languages EN-RU-IT, then I want to be able to switch
> between them in the 2 following ways: (i) EN->RU->IT->EN->... (ii)
> IT->RU->EN->IT... Of course here I assume that default language is EN.

sounds good - you also want some popup like winlist or exebuf that displays an
indication of what keymap you flip to. doing it like the winlist would probably
be a good thing.

> c) implement an E module which will monitor the current language
> selection. Moreover it would be nice if it would allow to switch languages
> as well. For example if one click on it.

i think we need some of this built in and some as modules. the actions and
popup and ability to change keymap using keybindings and a dialog and remember
per window imho should be built in. having modules DISPLAY the current keymap
for a window in its title or the current default and/or active keymap on the
shelf as a gadget (and possibly clicking on it provides a popup menu list of
available keymaps to change that window or the current default to - would be
the job of a module.

> I think the option a) is the most easiest from the implementation point
> of view.
> For the option b) I think the following actions whould be taken. The
> main E config should store the information what langs are selected,
> which is default one, and what lang switching policy is used. Also,
> the current language selection should be stored in main config, probably
> just temporarly, if the global language switching policy is used.

definitely. agreed.

> Also, I think, that the data structure representing the window border
> should have a field that will show the current language selection for
> this particular window, if the local language policy is selected. Then,
> the language for this window should be switched automatically, when it
> gets the focus.

actually you need language AND keymap AND input method. there is a problem -
actual LANGUAGE of a window (the language it displays in) is an environment
variable inherited when the program runs. but keymap is able to be changed on
the fly runtime later. you can only set LANGUAGE when the app is executed -
which means you need to put it in the .eap.

> I think, that some sort of IPC also should be implemented in order to
> have a possibility to assign shortcuts. Of course, default shortcuts
> should be defined as well ::))

just add actions and then it can be bound any time (and by default bind some

> The option c) is the most mistirious for me, since I never worked with
> modules. I guess, that in order to monitor the current lang selection,
> some IPC actions should exist. Also, I think, they should exist if we
> want module to be able to switch languages. It would be nice if somebody
> referenced me to an existing example, or briefly explain how things
> should be done.

well a module lives inside of e - if there are api hooks - you can do anything.
i think the first steps of this should be done inside e without modules and
then add modules with gadgets later than make it easier to access some things.

> Well, I think thats all what I wanted to write and ask opinions about.
> :) Waiting for comments, suggestions and etc.

well there you go - this is what i think :)

> sn
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