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[E-devel] Trouble compiling epsilon

Hi all!
I'm having some little trouble compiling epsilon: I have imlib2 headers
installed in non-standard path (/opt/e17), configure finds them well but
when it comes to the src/plugins directory and starts to compile
xine_thumbnailer I get:

In file included from xine_thumbnailer.c:2:
../../src/include/epsilon_plugin.h:5:20: error: Imlib2.h: No such file
or directory

I solved manually entering -I/opt/e17/include in src/plugins/Makefile,
but I'm thinking of - maybe - an issue in the autofoo stuff that doesn't
create the right Makefile for that directory... just a thought, I'm not
an autofoo guru, and many things about this are still a great blackbox,
for me ^_^

For what's worth, I have TWO versions of imlib2, one from debian package
(in standard /usr) and another from CVS (in /opt); the headers are only
the CVS ones, though.

Ciro Mattia Gonano
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