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Re: [E-devel] xrender engine patch

	Thanks for the feedback on this :)  
	Again, the issue here: 
>     Here's a question for everyone here on this list:   
>       "What is the result of scaling a *bordered-image* which   
> has a white center and a red border?"   
>     What should the result look like?   
	My awnser is something along the lines of: "It looks like an 
image with a white center and a red border". 
	I believe that most would agree with the above as to what  
scaling a "bordered-image" *should* do, rather than what evas has  
been doing, which can be roughly said to be: 
 	"It looks like an image with a red top&left border, and with 
a center that varies from white to red towards the right and bottom 
	The xrender patch I sent actually makes the xrender engine  
behave as 'desired' (though it requires going thru an extra step  
right now, which is a performance hit... but that can be eliminated  
a bit later).  
	If everyone agrees that this semantics should be the  
preferred one, I will send a patch to make the software engines  
respect this as well (there'll be no performance hit to get this,  
I'll actually make them a tiny bit faster).  
	If not, then I'd recommend that raster revert that last  
xrender patch I sent.