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Re: [E-devel] xgl, compiz, aiglx, e17, and others abreviattions :D

As far as i know (i'm not a dev) the OpenGL backend is unstable, not
recommended and incomplete (needs lots of love ;)).

As for xgl and other techs I heard that raster said that e17 won't use
them, in the end if you use Xgl you'll get HW (OpenGL) accelerated
XRender extension, and xrender evas backend is coming along nicely :)

On 6/8/06, QliX=D! [aka Ezequiel Brizuela] <qlixed@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi people!:
Going ahead: using e17 we can get some advantages of this "modern" techs?
(aiglx, xgl, compiz)
We got more using opengl as render (native e17 code)?, is stable the opengl

 QliX=D! [aka Ezequiel Brizuela]

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