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Re: [E-devel] xrender engine patch

> >  
> >   Attached is another small test patch for evas' xrender engine.  
> i see - moving border scaling into the engine :) ok- all good.  
> committed :)  
    Only a small first step towards that yeah :) Also need to move 
the fill and all the rendering down to the engines so the canvas 
level no longer does any work for this.. 
    But we have an issue to settle -- the semantics of scaling 
images with "borders", as you and I've been discussing :) 
    Namely, what exactly does this mean? 
    Here's a question for everyone here on this list: 
	"What is the result of scaling a *bordered-image* which 
has a white center and a red border?" 
    What should the result look like?