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[E-devel] Questions about building e17 debian packages


I'm building a debian-amd64 unstable package repository for E17 cvs and I have a few questions and reports to make :

1) Build-Depends and Depends :

I've found an (I think) incorrect (build-)dependency for Imlib2 and Imlib2_loaders. They depend on xlibs-dev which is no longer in testing/unstable.

The problem can be resolved by replacing "xlibs-dev" by "xlibs-dev |
libx11-dev" in sections "Build-Depends" and "Depends" of
"<app_name>/debian/control" files.

2) misc/scrot incorrect version

Generated package version of Scrot is incorrect : it is 0.3-0cvs instead of 0.8. This is due to outdated file misc/scrot/debian/changelog . A possible way to resolve this problem is to generate changelog file with autoconf to automatically put the right version in changelog file, as this is done for other libs/apps (for example in e17/libs/edb/debian/changelog.in)

3) dpkg-buildpackage not running autoconf

There is a problem with several libs/apps using a cdbs-powered debian/rules file and having these lines :

-------------8<----------- snip -------8<-----------------

if [ -f $(CURDIR)/../../snapshot ]; then ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr; fi
-------------8<----------- snip -------8<-----------------

The problem is as dpkg-buildpackage use "clean" target instead of "distclean", config.h file is not deleted, so dpkg-buildpackage runs directly the compilation, without running autoconf.

This is not grave for most of libs/apps as we can launch autogen.sh with "--prefix=/usr", but for libs who takes extra config flags like ecore it renders this line useless in debian/rules :

-------------8<----------- snip -------8<-----------------
DEB_CONFIGURE_EXTRA_FLAGS :=  --disable-ecore-evas-dfb --disable-ecore-dfb
-------------8<----------- snip -------8<-----------------

So why use "clean" instead of "distclean" (the default target used by dpkg-buildpackage to clean files), as it prevent dpkg-buildpackage from running autoconf ?