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Re: [E-devel] New in the town

On Sun, 21 May 2006 12:57:23 +0200 Sebastià Serra Landete <sserral@gmail.com>

> Hi all,
> I’m new in the town, two weeks ago while was doing web-surfing looking for

welcome to E-ville :)

> something new I found Enlightenment 17, I like web design, especially well
> designed pages with CSS and some Flash, I’m a Cobol programmer, yes… I know
> it, COBOL is probably one of the oldest programming language in the world,
> and although I love my black terminal for programming millions lines of
> code, I need something with color and more attractive, and sure for this
> reason I started web design few years ago.
> Well, now all of you can get some idea about which person I am, and after
> this little introduction, as I started to say at the beginning of this mail,
> I found Enlightenment casually, and although I have some c/c++ knowledge  I
> need some hints.

you have been "enlightened"

> I would be thankful if someone gives me some clues or some link from which
> to begin to learn, just some example code with comments or some API
> explanation.

there's lots of stuff in cvs - tonnes - just start browsing around. i am sure
you know how to use grep -r :) but really - if you want to know how to do X -
be more specific as to what you want and we can point in the right direction :)

> Thank you in advance.

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