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Re: [E-devel] taskbar patch -- indent and cleanup

Sthithaprajna Garapaty wrote:
Thanks for the patch.

you're welcome :)

Updated taskbar and added the module.eap so it'll show up in the config

Here it is:

you should run :%s/\s*$// in vim to get rid of the last of the unnecessary whitespace.. also, the e_modapi_init function should apparently be removed wholly, not just commented out..

As a last thing, the _gc_init function needs a little tweak;
static E_Gadcon_Client *
_gc_init(E_Gadcon *gc, const char *name, const char *id, const char *style);
to get rid of the last warning

BTW: for those who asked to add this to the core modules..
raster said the taskbar he wants in the core modules needs to look a lot
more like the one in windows/gnome/etc
This means: Buttons with labels on the right and multiple rows as the
taskbar is sized vertically at the very least.

I can't do it, but I think that is only a matter of some changes to the edc