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Re: [E-devel] E CVS: proto chaos

On 6/3/06, Enlightenment CVS <noreply@cvs.enlightenment.org> wrote:
Enlightenment CVS committal

Author  : chaos
Project : e17
Module  : proto

Dir     : e17/proto/entropy/src/plugins

Modified Files:

Log Message:
* Add dnd events to entropy_etk_iconbox.  The etk iconbox viewer in entropy should now match the ewl iconbox for functionality.  Note that this will not work properly until the 'dnd_event' tags are added to etk_iconbox, like in etk_tree

Alex, we'll have full DnD support (like the tree) as soon as Simon
finalizes the iconbox. I wanted to add it earlier but he asked me to
wait on it a bit (=.

*hint hint*


Hisham Mardam Bey
MSc (Computer Science)
Codito Ergo Sum (I Code Therefore I Am)