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Re: [E-devel] Translation in esperanto : new .po file

David Seikel wrote:
> Since this is an unreleased project the main problem is that it is a
> moving target.  It's no good just doing a translation, you need to keep
> it up to date as well.  If you can assure us that you will keep it up
> to date, and the quality is good, we may give you cvs access so that
> you can maintain it yourself.  I think we have a mailing list
> specifically for translations, check the web site.
> I have an interest in Esperanto translations, so if nothing else, you
> can send it to me.

I know that E17 changes often. I update by CVS monthly since I use it, a
year ago.

I think my language level will grow and I doubt that I stop using this
program or the language. Maybe, before adding this file to the project,
I would find people to read it.

I send it now to you, David.

Concerning E17.
The main problem I had was to change many of the font family from Vera
to Monospace or Arial.
I also notice that the words "Gadgets" and "Desktop x, x" are not in
gettext management.