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Re: [E-devel] File manager for iRiver iFP player.

I assume you're talking about a library to help with reading file systems, moving files, renaming files and all that stuff. If that's the case then look at evfs in e17/apps/evfs. It's a virtual filesystem thingy that chaos has been working on for a while (the successor to efsd).

If you're just looking for a file selection widget there is either the ewl_filedialog which will give it to you in a window or the ewl_fileselector which you can embed in your app. You can write custom views for the fileselector (there are three currently, icon, list and column view).

There is also the ecore_file stuff that can help a bit. It has stuff like ecore_file_ls for getting lists of directories and ecore_file_exists to check if something exists. The best way for that is to look at the Ecore_File.h header file.

The Ewl_Fileselector uses ecore_file so you can take a look at that to see how it works if you're interested.

If you need more help, #ewl on freenode has a few people hanging out in there.


Grzegorz Andrelczyk wrote:

I'm trying to write (using EWL) file manager for iriver player. And I'm
stack with "file manager" part.

Can somebody suggest me which EFL library I should use to be able to
write this part?