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[E-devel] Enna HTPC/mediacenter program

Hi All!
For a long time I have posted on this mailinglist about a
mediacenter/HTPC program in EFL. I think it was 2 years ago. For 1 year
I begin to write this program and (only) today I can present you my
When Raster published rage, I find that his effect on menu items was
Fun, and so I rewrite my application with this effect in mind. So don't
be surprises if you find some similariry with rage. (If there are some
licences issues let me know)
I know that this program is very young and that is not a model of C and
EFL programming, but today, I can use it to look at my DVD and playing
my music files and CD in fullscreen on my TV.

The program is only in french for the moment but I plan to translate it.
(or maybe someone else because my english is not perfect ;))

So, you can found enna and some screenshots on my website :

I you have questions, remarks or any thing let me know .

Nicolas (captainigloo)


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