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[E-devel] Debian Sid, imlib2, lmlib2_loaders, debain/control


There is dependency problem in Imlib2 and Imlib2_loadres. Both packages
are set to depend on xlibs-dev, but xlibs-dev is depreceated. Even worse
xlibs-dev was removed from repositoris probably during transition to
Xorg 7.0. At least it looks like that. Now there is one package x-dev,
and a lot of x11proto*dev packages.

I sugest to upgreade/correct debian/control files for imlib2 and

I changes xlibs-dev for x-dev and that was enough. But I have installed
a lot of x11proto too:

x11proto-composite-dev                          install
x11proto-core-dev                               install
x11proto-damage-dev                             install
x11proto-fixes-dev                              install
x11proto-fontcache-dev                          install
x11proto-fonts-dev                              install
x11proto-input-dev                              install
x11proto-kb-dev                                 install
x11proto-print-dev                              install
x11proto-randr-dev                              install
x11proto-render-dev                             install
x11proto-xext-dev                               install
x11proto-xinerama-dev                           install

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