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Re: [E-devel] .cvsignore updating spree.

David Seikel wrote:
I went on a .cvsignore updating spree today.  Not a lot to do in e17,
e_modules and misc, so I looked at the others in our cvs.  devs should
never need any, eterm is good, but e16 needs some .cvsignore loving.

I had problems compiling e16/imlib, so I would not be able to update
the .cvsignore files properly if kwo wanted me to handle it.  I notice
it has a combination of autofoo and imake files, I tried using the
autegen.sh script.


e16/imlib has been obsolete for ages. Anybody who has tried to use it in stead of the GNOME version supplied with most distros has most likely gotten into trouble.

AFAIK there no longer is anything E using e16/imlib (or e16/fnlib).
I think we should cvs rm them entirely.

Any objections?