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Re: [E-devel] apishow, small tool of api reference

Nice, I like it.

Though I suggest you catch the empty string input, as right now it


On Thu, May 25, 2006 at 03:04:54AM +0200, Thanatermesis wrote:
> I have just found a script to have started to write long time ago for a
> friend, a little tool for fast help with the API of EFL 'to day', I send
> this email just for if any person is interessed because i don't have planed
> for now to finish to write this tool, but it works a sufficient good if
> exist any interessed :)
> Is just a tool for have a fast reference of the API of EFL, you can enable
> or disable also the libs of you want to search, it read the .h files from
> your actual installed libs, for example, you need to add a function in your
> code but you don't remember the exact name of it and/or their parameters...
> or you just want to search all the posible functions to contents the word
> "play" in the emotion lib... open a terminal, call "apishow", and enter the
> keywords and you have a nice colorized output of the API reference :]
> I repeat, this tool not is finished and not works perfect, but is a fast
> tool for ppl to needs fast works, better anyways to play with the cat, and
> you can posible to write it better if you like, anyways if you made it, send
> me the changes ;)
> download:  http://thanatermesis.org/users/enlightenment/apishow
> Note: Aparently this bash code not is very compatible with the bash of 'BSD
> system's'
> Thanatermesis