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[E-devel] apishow, small tool of api reference

I have just found a script to have started to write long time ago for a friend, a little tool for fast help with the API of EFL 'to day', I send this email just for if any person is interessed because i don't have planed for now to finish to write this tool, but it works a sufficient good if exist any interessed :)

Is just a tool for have a fast reference of the API of EFL, you can enable or disable also the libs of you want to search, it read the .h files from your actual installed libs, for example, you need to add a function in your code but you don't remember the exact name of it and/or their parameters... or you just want to search all the posible functions to contents the word "play" in the emotion lib... open a terminal, call "apishow", and enter the keywords and you have a nice colorized output of the API reference :]

I repeat, this tool not is finished and not works perfect, but is a fast tool for ppl to needs fast works, better anyways to play with the cat, and you can posible to write it better if you like, anyways if you made it, send me the changes ;)

download:  http://thanatermesis.org/users/enlightenment/apishow

Note: Aparently this bash code not is very compatible with the bash of 'BSD system's'