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Re: [E-devel] Evas Gradients

>>> Having a few troubles with evas gradients. The window that gets
>>> set up doesn't seem to repair a gradient properly when another
>>> window is passed over the gradient.  Ive got a quick example
>>> adapted from the efl cookbook below. Have I missed something
>>> or is it a problem in evas?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Daniel.
>>> ......
>>      Attached is a tgz file containing the fix for this, and a
>> few other 'evas-gradients' related aspects.
>>      jose.
> Just tested it out - seems to work great.
> Pretty quick work Jose :)
> Cheers,
> Daniel Stonier.

	Good. Evas gradients need more testing and some further
refinements before they are ready for 'prime-time', eg. for being
added to edje.
	Eventually, both grads and images should be available as
'textures' (and clips) for other objects to use.. But that needs
some further work on evas' internals.

	In the meantime, evas grads could also be enhanced in
various ways. Here are some that I would like to add sometime
	1. Loading grads from a file - ie. support for whatever
file formats may exist, or may be defined, for describing types
and/or spectrums for gradients.
	2. Support for some other kinds of fill geometries.
	3. Add a new kind of gradient object: "multi-gradients".
These are 'gradients of gradients' (just as a simple gradient
spectrum is defined by a sequence of colors and weights, these
are defined by a sequence of simple-gradients and weights).

	If anyone has any suggestions/comments/ideas, or whatnot,
related to 'gradients'... :)