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[E-devel] entrance sessions permissions


In one of my less than flattering moments I was having trouble logging
in as a user.  Every time I tried to enter e17 from entrance I would
be met with an immediate lockup without any way to return to the
entrance login or access other terminals.  I finally found the problem
when I noticed that a superuser could get into the system okay.  I had
made a mistake in my permissions in the /etc/X11/Sessions/e17 file
that would bring me into the windows manager.

Anyway, I was wondering if entrance could have a better way of
handling such a mistake, ideally some kind of a popup message saying
"hey your dumb, you screwed up your permissions" and then bring you
back to the main entrance menu.

Thanks for your time, and I hope my mistakes will lead to a more idiot
proof system even if I'm past saving,