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Re: [E-devel] Re: Entropy layout

On 5/22/06, Alexander Taylor <alex@logisticchaos.com> wrote:
This is most odd - the 'entropy_event_action_file' should be resolved as
part of the dlopen process - it belongs to the linked component doing
the 'dlopen'/'dlsym' calls.

What environment are you compiling/running under?

The code as-is seems to work in all cases i've seen so far - and that's
a large number of different machines.

Will be most interested to hear your response.


Well, I re-compiled entropy again, from latest CVS as always, and now
it works nicely...
I can't really find out what solved it anyway as I tried multiple
compilation options...
I'm running gentoo and it's an Athlon XP machine (i686), maybe I
misconfigured a part of the compilation process?
Thank you for your attention, keep the work as good as it already is,
entropy is really nice, so is e!

Regards, cleptho

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