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[E-devel] New in the town

Hi all,


I’m new in the town, two weeks ago while was doing web-surfing looking for something new I found Enlightenment 17, I like web design, especially well designed pages with CSS and some Flash, I’m a Cobol programmer, yes… I know it, COBOL is probably one of the oldest programming language in the world, and although I love my black terminal for programming millions lines of code, I need something with color and more attractive, and sure for this reason I started web design few years ago.


Well, now all of you can get some idea about which person I am, and after this little introduction, as I started to say at the beginning of this mail, I found Enlightenment casually, and although I have some c/c++ knowledge  I need some hints.


I would be thankful if someone gives me some clues or some link from which to begin to learn, just some example code with comments or some API explanation.


Thank you in advance.