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[E-devel] More Tiff loader oddities

Both these tiffs 


are being handled oddly by the tiff loader in Imlib2. If I run the first 
(new_ducked.tif) through the example convert program then it comes out 
all black but the right size. The second should look like the first but 
with a colour wheel on top but instead comes out as just the colour 
wheel which leads me to suspect it might be an alpha problem.

xv, convert/ImageMagick and Shake all handle it ok. Gimp, eog, Imlib2 do 

I'm at a loss - putting some diagnostics into raster() show that 
TIFFGetPixel(A|R|G|B) are all returning 0 for every pixel. 

Now may be a good time to point out that, over the last couple of years, 
I have come to loathe and abhor Tiff and am actively nauseas about the 
prospect of possibly writing anything that may have to touch RAW files.