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Re: [E-devel] Shelf crash

On 17/05/06, Christopher Michael <cpmichael1@comcast.net> wrote:
Also found another issue...if we have 2 shelves with 1 ibar on each
shelf, changes to a config option on one ibar affect the other ibar
module. So if I have labels checked on one, and I uncheck it, then
neither will have labels.

With the moon module, I made some changes so that the configuration dialog only operates on one moon instance. This makes it possible to have different configurations per moon at run time (more out of interest than actual need).
I use edje_messages to tell each instance of the moon edje what it's configuration is.

Where I get stuck is that I don't have a way of being able to reinstantiate a moon's configuration, as I need an identifier to tell the _gc_init func which one of the instances is to be re-instantiated.
The _gc_init function has "name" and "id" args, but for 3rd party modules I think the values are always the same for each instance (i.e., "moon", and "default").
Perhaps the shelf calling the _gc_init func could also identify itself, so the _gc_init could use this information for the purpose of restoring any instance specific saved state? Or did I miss something... Maybe there is still more work to come with the shelf / gadcon stuff and I am jumping the gun. Sorry raster, if this is the case!