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Re: [E-devel] minor problem with azureus

Morten Nilsen escreveu:
Morten Nilsen wrote:
currently, azureus is the only application I use that gets into trouble when I restart e17..

the window becomes blank and unresponsive.. right-clicking close lets me cleanly start a new copy..

I'm guessing this is caused by some weird java behaviour..

I'm guessing the deafening silence means nobody cares about java? :)
To be honest, I hate java.
As Raster said, the problem isnt in E, is in the Sun JVM trying to be "smart" about the wm behaviour and getting broken by itself. You can bug sun to fix their jvm (maybe they fixed in the Mustang builds, who knows), or use another jvm (IBM j9 can be freely downloaded this days).