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[E-devel] Edje transitions

Hi everybody,

I've noticed that in edje, when you start a new transition on a
part while another transition was already running, the running
transition jumps directly to its final state in order to start the new
For example, if a part has 3 states (state1, state2, state3). At the
beginning the part is in the state 1. Now, with STATE_SET, you start a
smooth transition from state1 to state2, but before this transition is
complete, you start another smooth transition to state3. In this case,
the part will directly go to state2 (it wasn't in state2 since the
first transition wasn't complete), and will start the smooth transition
to state3.

Is there actually a good reason for that behaviour, except the fact
that it is easier to implement? The problem with this behaviour may be
seen in the new ibar's labels for example: when the mouse enters an
icon, the label smoothly appears and when it leaves the icon, the
label smoothly disappears. But if the mouse leaves the icon before
the label has totally appeared, then the label just seems to pop up. It
happens if you move the mouse quicly over the ibar. Ok, I know, this is
not a big problem, but I think it will look a lot better if this
behaviour was different (if the interpolation was done from the
intermediate state).
Another example, in entrance, you can click on a button to open
smoothly the "Sessions" panel. A new click closes it smoothly. But
several fast clicks makes it pops up with no longer smooth transition.

So what do you think about it? Should we implement a better transition
system, or is there a good reason to do that (I can see some)

Regards :)
Simon TRENY <MoOm>