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Re: [e-devel] patches, patches...

On Fri, 12 May 2006 15:00:35 +0200 ilLogict <illogict@online.fr> babbled:

>  Hello!
>  Here are some patches that have been waiting to be sent for some
> time ;)
> >e-desktop_names-more_efficient_scanning.patch: more efficient way of
> scanning when assigning a name to a desktop
> >e-i18n-default_desktop_name.patch: allow translation of the default
> desktop name

actually- it's no more efficient at all :) evas_list_nth has to walk up to the
nth element anyway to get it :). i18n patch is fine :)

> >e_remote_main-add_end_newline.patch: only to make the compiler shut :)
> >e-screen_ratio-more_work.patch: the screen ratio wasn't used when the
> selected background was not de theme default one

ok :)

> >exhibit-jpeg_files: add recognition of .jpeg extension

i'll let codewarrior do this :)

>  Cheers!
>                                           ilLogict

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