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[E-devel] BUG: dEvian:RSS module crashes E


Unfortunatelly I have to report a bug in dEvian RSS module. It crashes E
when the following events happen :

1. RSS gets info about a new news Item.
2. Popup about the new item is shown and then hidden
3. I move my mouse pointer inside the RSS gadget
3. E crashes if one of the following 2 happens :
   a) Mouse pointer is pointing a new (red) item
   b) Mouse pointer just enter the RSS gadget box

The backtrace looks as follows :

#0  0x00000020 in ?? ()
#1  0x08093e49 in e_object_del (obj=0x8b604a0) at e_object.c:48
#2  0xb77bac12 in devian_popup_warn_del (popw=0x8ef8330) at e_mod_popup_warn.c:212
#3  0xb77c3b39 in _cb_infos_set (data=0x8f1b6d0, obj=0x8d70660, emission=0x8750440 "infos_set", source=0x81820b0 "item") at e_mod_data_rss.c:1056
#4  0xb7f3a591 in _edje_emit_handle (ed=0x8b013c0, sig=0x8750440 "infos_set", src=0x81820b0 "item") at edje_program.c:875
#5  0xb7f419eb in _edje_message_process (em=0x8d5d090) at edje_message_queue.c:433
#6  0xb7f41f14 in _edje_message_queue_process () at edje_message_queue.c:605
#7  0xb7f41ff5 in _edje_job (data=0x0) at edje_message_queue.c:99
#8  0xb7ec9862 in _ecore_job_event_handler (data=0x0, type=76,
      ev=0x8ad94d0) at ecore_job.c:75
#9  0xb7c6f77a in _ecore_event_call () at ecore_events.c:431
#10 0xb7c750ce in _ecore_main_loop_iterate_internal (once_only=0) at
#11 0xb7c752c7 in ecore_main_loop_begin () at ecore_main.c:79
#12 0x08062ea3 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbf968494) at e_main.c:685


Aleksej Struk
Master Degree Student
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Faculty of Computer Science
phone: +39-0471-061749
cell phone: +39-3204627049 +370-61278908
astruk@gmail.com alstruk@unibz.it - http://astruk.googlepages.com/home