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Re: [E-devel] Efl High level documentation progress

On 02/05/06, kkapelon@freemail.gr <kkapelon@freemail.gr> wrote:

Because of Easter, progress is not as fast as I want.
First draft of EFL high level docs is online!

Currently only the introduction and
what _I_ want to write about Evas is ready.
Browse as html

Download and view with xpdf

Hosting is slow so please be patient.

I am NOT a core EFL developer. I am not an expert EFL programmer.
So maybe

-I have written things which are incorrect/obsolete
-I have missed important information

So before I move on to Edje please
give me some feedback...

1) Always yay for documentation :)
Hopefully various others can contribute their various tidbits of knowledge over time, should they have the time and desire :)

2) One thing that I noticed is that the docs give the impression that Embryo is "above" the Edje library.
It's the reverse, I believe, Edje uses Embryo functions quite extensively. 
Embryo doesn't have any dependancy on any other EFL lib, as far as I can tell, and I don't know of it being used directly anywhere, other than in Edje itself (although I've not checked EWL like the diagram shows). Embryo does power the scripting in the .edc files, but the way *I* think of it is: the embryo-based scripts describe *behavioural* part of the Edje theme file format, powered by Embryo behind the scenes, where as all the *visual* parts of the interface are powered by Evas. Edje brings these two different things together to allow advanced themes to be built :)