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Re: [E-devel] opengl evas engine build error

> Possibly related to this, I routinely use evas through some Ruby
> bindings to the library. I did this on an ecore/evas library I
> built from CVS a few months ago [possibly end of last year].
> This weekend I updated my CVS copy of evas and rebuilt it, and
> apart from discovering some bugs in my code by upgrading ;-),
> I discoverd that I couldn't get gradients to look right. 
> After hacking around for a while I noticed that I had this problem
> with the hardware gl x11 drivers, not with the software ones.
> Thinking that the evas gradient code had been updated I started
> looking at the source to see if some calls changed or I needed to
> init more stuff, but nothing helped. 
> The evas GL X11 test programs show this as well. Comparing Test 15
> of them from the software version against the hardware version
> shows the hardware version as just having plain rectangles, and the
> software version correct. 
> Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :-)
> -
> Robin

	Gradients in evas had some 'enhancements' recently...

	There are various grad types such as "linear", "radial",
"angular", "rectangular", and "sinusoidal" grads. More types
can be added easily if one has some particular geometry they'd
like to have.
	You can set the fill region and the spread mode (reflect,
repeat, restrict, pad,...) to 'tile' the grad type around the fill
region. You can now also set argb data to use for defining the
grad spectrum (rather than building this via the api for adding
colors/weights to the grad), and you can 'offset' the spectrum
by some percentage, and other things...

	Unfortunately, the gl engine's grads actually suffered
an 'un-enhancement' to, basically, -- *nothing*. This is due to
my complete lack of any gl knowledge whatsoever. Hopefully though,
it should now render something vaguely like a linear gradient (once
the thing compiles again).

	Each engine really needs someone to 'adopt' it, work on
improving it, etc... If there's anyone out there who knows
something about OpenGL and would like to work on it.. that
would be great :)  Same goes for the bare-bones Cairo engine that's
partly there.