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Re: [e-devel] various patches...

On 4/26/06, ilLogict <illogict@online.fr> wrote:

 After a long time without e hacking (ah, school ;D), here are some
>e_config_screen_ratio_support.patch: the preview ratio in background
 and theme config windows will match your screen's: useful with
 widescreens :)

this patch kinda sucks for multimon. the preview does not show a
realistic view of the theme at all, since it is streched twice as wide
as it would normally look. I suggest taking the size of one Xinerama
screen (or zone in E), and using that. Also, I imagine it would look
rather weird for anybody who has one screen above the other, since you
have it with fixed height, and set the width based on the screen
ratio. not sure what to do about this. Personally, I think it was
better as it was.

e_ilist-slider_more_keys_support.patch: enables to use
>[home] and [end] keys with ilist and slider, as well as keypad
 equivalents. Something *really* weird is that it works even if NumLock
 is enabled ??? Haven't really checked that, will do it asap.
>e_tlist_cleareance_support.patch: adds clearing for tlist
>e_typos.patch: various typos correction.