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[E-devel] entrance configure.in problem .. of sorts

the current Xsession check sets xsession to "You should reconfigure --with-xsession" which cause confusing problems if not caught when attempting to log in: /bin/sh: You: command not found

I think the AC_MSG_WARN should be changed into AC_MSG_ERROR .. or the default of /etc/X11/xdm/Xsession be used..

I recently set up an build box, and this bit me, as I had xorg-x11-libs but not xorg-x11 installed .. configure didn't find Xsession, and hence the above scenario played out .. I spent quite a few minutes desperately trying to figure it out.. once I looked at the messages log, I saw the full message, and spent the next minutes twiddling with configure on the build box until I found out that I needed to have xorg-x11 installed.