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[E-devel] E17genmenu segmentation fault.


how are e17genmenu doing on Linux? Here on FreeBSD 6.1 I still have a
segmentation fault!

Here are my bt:

#0  0x0804fe38 in _fdo_menus_legacy_menu (data=0xbfbfb510, 
    path=0xbfbf9460 "/usr/local/share/applnk/.keep_me") at
fdo_menus.c:564 #1  0x080522b9 in fdo_paths_recursive_search (
    path=0xbfbfb530 "/usr/local/share/applnk/", file=0x0, 
    dir_func=0x804fae4 <_fdo_menus_legacy_menu_dir>, 
    func=0x804fd04 <_fdo_menus_legacy_menu>, data=0xbfbfb510)
    at fdo_paths.c:423
#2  0x08050a32 in _fdo_menus_merge (data=0xbfbfd640, tree=0x80f3560, 
    element=6, level=2) at fdo_menus.c:853
#3  0x08052cec in dumb_tree_foreach (tree=0x80f3560, level=2, 
    func=0x8050738 <_fdo_menus_merge>, data=0xbfbfd640) at
dumb_tree.c:267 #4  0x08052ba1 in dumb_tree_foreach (tree=0x8056460,
level=1, func=0x8050738 <_fdo_menus_merge>, data=0xbfbfd640) at
dumb_tree.c:236 #5  0x08052ba1 in dumb_tree_foreach (tree=0x8056440,
level=0, func=0x8050738 <_fdo_menus_merge>, data=0xbfbfd640) at
dumb_tree.c:236 #6  0x0804ee79 in fdo_menus_get (
    file=0x805a300 "/usr/local/etc/xdg/menus/applications.menu", 
    merge_stack=0x8056420, level=0) at fdo_menus.c:138
#7  0x0804b1ca in make_menus () at menus.c:60
#8  0x0804a509 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbfbfe748) at main.c:172

Thanks for listening and have a nice day!!!


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