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Re: [E-devel] bug in entrance default theme revisited

Morten Nilsen schrieb:

I just now started getting into how edje works, and thought I might have an idea as to why this bug occurs, but I didn't..

to me, it seems like items in a swallow don't get clipped by the swallows opened area, because the edc seems to place the buttons at the appropriate location for stacking to be correct..

so, I think one of these two things are happening..

- swallows don't clip their contents

Yes, that's right, but AFAIK not the problem.

- the dynamically generated session buttons get stacked at the top level

anyone able to shed some light on this matter?

I haven't take a look into the code of entrance, so perhaps I'm totally wrong. It seems to me that the container itself is swallowed in the part, so it lies in the right layer stack position, but the container elements aren't smart member of the container then they aren't layered with the container and "fly" over it.

I think the problem would be solved when the elements would be smart member of the container. Either you do an evas_object_smart_member_add(element, container) after you have add them to the container or you change directly the esmart_container functions.

I hope I could help you