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[E-devel] Re: E CVS: proto codewarrior

Selon Enlightenment CVS <noreply@cvs.enlightenment.org>:

> Enlightenment CVS committal
> Author  : codewarrior
> Project : e17
> Module  : proto
> Dir     : e17/proto/entropy/images
> Modified Files:
> 	bz2.png c.png default.png document.png folder.png html.png
> 	jar.png java.png mp3.png mpeg.png pdf.png perl.png
> 	spreadsheet.png tar.png tgz.png txt.png video.png wmv.png
> 	xml.png
> Log Message:
> - use icons from Etk's iconbox gfx

Those icons are not under BSD, and are not neither from me (they are from the
Tango Project: http://www.tango-project.org ), so you'll probably have to add
the COPYING and AUTHORS files of the Tango Project in the images dir of

Simon TRENY <MoOm>